Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine

The welding machine has excellent performance, easy operation, fast welding speed and good welding quality. Widely used in highways, railways, tunnels, Bridges, reservoirs, buildings, artificial lakes, Bridges, swimming pools, aquaculture ponds, landfills and other waterproof engineering.

The automatic welding machine is designed to weld film/membrane, including HDPE LDPE, PVC, EVA Geomembrane, Composite Geomembrane.

Small light, easy to operate. it can be adjusted to accommodate the different thickness to make the welding stronger, avoid leakage.

This machine is more suited to fast welding of large areas, such as landfill, pond liner, mining dam bottom liner welder.

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Product Details


1. Voltage: 220v
2. Frequency: 50/60Hz
3. Power: 800W~3000W
4. Welding speed: 0.5-8m/min
5. Heating temperature: 0-600℃
6. Thickness of material to be welded: 0.2mm-3.0mm
7. Overlap width: 100m~160mm
8. Welding width: 12.5mm/15mm×2, interiorcavity 12mm/15mm/20mm
9. Net Weight: 5kgs~13kgs



1. Landfill

2. Highway/railway tunnels

3. Urban subway

4. Aquaculture

5. Water conserver

6. Industry liquid

7. Mining

8. Landfill

9. Sewage treatment


• High control accuracy and low temperature fluctuation.

• Great output torque and stable operating.

• Constant speed on the condition of creeping, vertical creeping and variable road load.

• Excellent in performance and easy for operating.

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